How Can You Identify Hemp Packaging at the Dispensary

All cannabis packaging, whether made from hemp or other materials, should provide the following features, according to The National Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Standards Committee:

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1. Opaque, to discourage youth from buying

vape cartridge child resistant packaging box
vape cartridge child resistant packaging box

2. Child-resistant, to protect children in the buyer’s home

3. Clearly labeled to allow buyers to understand the THC and CBD potency, as well as to provide information about how the cannabis was grown.

vape cartridge packaging box with child resistant lock

Unfortunately, there is no standard labeling of hemp-based, compostable packaging. You may not be able to identify hemp packaging with a naked eye. Although some of it looks cloth-like, hemp packaging comes in a variety of textures, from hemp plastics to hemp papers.

However, if you’re looking to vote with your money by purchasing cannabis products in hemp packaging, there are some things you can look for. Often, these packages are labeled as being made with hemp. For example, Sana — a brand specializing in hemp packaging — labels their hemp plastics with the words “made from 100% plant-based hemp plastic.” Hemp plastics, like other plastics, are labeled with a resin identification code.

Other hemp packaging products, from hemp fabrics to hemp papers, are also labeled as being made from hemp. These products are even better for the environment than bioplastics, because unlike bioplastics — which will produce methane if they wind up in landfills — hemp paper and cloth products are fully recyclable and biodegradable, and even remove carbon dioxide from the environment.

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