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  • Custom Child Resistant Pre Roll Packaging Boxes

    Certified Child Resistant Pre-roll Sliding Boxes for Pre Roll Multipack Packaging

    This is a CPSC certified child resistant sliding box which can guarantee the the safety of children who should have no access to the products in the box. This CRP box is perfect for pre-rolls, concentrates and edibles. The child resistant drawer box can fits five prerolls and holds them in place with fluted partitions. This CR slider box boasts plenty of available real estate for branding and compliancy purposes. It can be printed, labeled, de-bossed on the top surface, and/or put into a paperboard sleeve for further branding. Additionally, foam or paperboard inserts can be made to increase the security of the packaged item, increase the value of experience by the user, or to simply allow your brand more printable area.

  • Custom CR Pre-Rolls Packaging BoxesChild Resistant Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging

    CR Slider Box Child Resistant Pre Roll Push Boxes for Pre-Roll Multipack Packaging

    This CR slider box is designed for pre-roll multipacks, it comes in 11*5*2 cm which can be suitable for most of pre roll joints. You can further customize your pre-roll packaging by chaging the sizes, adding custom labels or even a paper sleeve to snugly fit around it. The main material is 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper, they are not only strong enough to protect the products, but also sustainable and recycled for environment. The inner dividers are made from food grade cardboard. This slide drawer box is kind of pushing packs which is a totally custom paper packaging option for pre roll multipacks that is also certified child resistant and can be made to accommodate any number of pre-rolls and can be made with special pre-roll inserts, so all the pre-rolls in your multipack are held perfectly, even after your customers have smoked half the pre-rolls in the multipack. We have the widest array of multipack pre-roll packaging options and can custom make any sized box or print any custom label to help make a stock multipack option totally custom for you!

  • Child-Resistant Pre-Rolls Packaging BoxesCustomized Child Resistant Pre Roll Boxes

    Custom Child Resistant Pre Roll Packaging Boxes Childproof Pre-Roll Multi-Packs Boxes

    This paper drawer box comes with the compliant child resistant button and cardboard dividers for pre-rolled joints. It is the most popular design for multi-packs and safe for children. The dimension of this box is 12*5*2 cm. It is made from the 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper. The main logo area is hot foil stamping in silver color. The 4 dividers in the inner drawer can meet the daily demands on multi-packs. The whole surface of the box is laminated by matte film which can improve the printing effects and keep the box away from the scratches and bumps. The child resistant button is compliant in US, which can guarantee it is legal when you decided to use our box to pack the pre roll joints. We can customize this kind of box based on our customers’ requests. Free design services with fastest shipping, best quality and affordable price.

  • Custom Pre Roll Packaging BoxesCustom Pre Roll Joints Boxes

    Double Side Open Rigid Box for Pre-Roll Multipack Packaging with Magnetic Closure

    This pre-roll multipack packaging box is in very creative and unique design. It comes with the double door, magnetic closure and cardboard dividers. The double doors can be closed automatically by the strong magnetic closure after customers take out the pre roll. The dimension of this box is 12*6*2 cm, it is designed for pre-roll multipack packaging. We use 1200 GSM rigid paperboard as the base of this box, it will be strong engouh to protect the pre rolled joints well. The surface is soft-touch film laminated, which can make customers feel comfortable and smooth when they touch the box directly. The main pattern is spot UV, which can strengthen the printing effects and brand influence. Customers can customize all details including size, printing, finishing as same as they want for free. We can offer those creative packaging in afforable price and best quality.

  • Custom Pre Roll Packaging

    Five Pack Cannabis Marijuana Pre Rolled Joints Packaging Boxes with Custom Printing

    This is the most popular box shape for 5 pack pre roll joint packaging. The dimension of this box is 12*12*2 cm, which is fit for the multi-pack. The material of the box is 350 GSM silver cardboard. The obvious advantage of this box is that the user can open and closed this box easily. We use the offset printing for the texts and patterns. The mail logo area is silver hot foil stamping with embossed effect. A tissue paper cover in the box will keep the pre roll joint away from the dirty. We can customize all other details for you according to your requests.

  • Hexagon Cardboard Box for Cannabis Pre-Roll PackagingHexagon Pre Rolled Joints Packaging Boxes

    Hexagon Pre Roll Joints Packaging Boxes Hexagonal Pre-Roll Multipack Packaging

    This hexagonal cardboard box is design for pre-roll multipack packaging, the main material is 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper. The dimension of the box is 4*4*12 cm, it will be fit for 6 packs of pre-rolled joints becuase the 6 innder cardboard dividers. The surface of the box is matte laminated, and the main pattern area is spot UV which can improve the brand effects. We can customize this kind of hexagon box in any size with any printing and finishing only if you can send us your detailed requirements. Free custom services and best quality.

  • Custom Pre Roll BoxesCannabis Pre Roll Packaging Boxes

    Magnetic Closure Pre Roll Joints Blunt Hemp Boxes for MultiPack Packaging

    This magnetic closure box comes with cardboard dividers for multi pre roll joints packaging. It is made from 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM which will be not only strong enough to hold the pre rolled joints, but also can achieve the printing effects easily. The dimension of this box is 12*5*2 cm, it is the most common size for multi packs. The main pattern area is in spot UV processing, which can strengthen the patterns from the dark background, moreover, it will catch the customers’ eyes when the brand is shinny. The whole surface of this box is matte laminated, which can protect the box from bumps and scratches. If you are interested in this kind of box, we can customize all details according to your requirements with free custom services. Fastest samples and shipping available!

  • custom child resistance cardboard pre roll drawer packaging box

    Matte Black Custom 5 Pack Pre Roll Child Resistant Cardboard Drawer Packaging Box

    This pre roll joint paper packaging box comes with child resistant lock and cardboard dividers. It is the most popular design for 5 pack pre rolls. The dimension of this box is 12*10*1.5 cm, the child resistant lock is compliant in US and Canada, it is very safe for children, but friendly for the adult user to open it. The materials are recycled and eco-friendly, because it is made from 1200 GSM rigid paper and 157 GSM matte black cardboard. We customize any texts, patterns, logos on the surface of the box for you.

  • Premium Pre Roll PackagingPremium Pre Roll Packaging

    Premium California Custom 7 Pack Pre Roll Cannabis Marijuana Paper Packaging Box

    This sleeve paper pre roll box is designed for 7 pack pre rolls. The main material is 350 GSM rigid paper. The size of the box is 15*8*2 cm, the insert is made from 157 GSM cardboard with 7 dividers. The cardboard cover on the holder is dirt resistant, and the pull handle on the cardboard cover is very user-friendly for customer to open the box. The main printing is offset printing, but the logo area is gold hot foil stamping. The surface finishing is the matte lamination which is the best protection for bumps and scratches, and it will improve the printing effects as well. We can customize any other details according to your requests.

  • Custom Pre-Roll Packaging for CannabisPre-Roll Multipack Packaging Boxes

    Premium Cannabis Pre Rolled Joints Multipack Packaging with Custom Printing

    This clamshell gift box comes with cardboard dividers and magnetic closure for cannabis pre roll joint multipack packaging. The dimension of this box is 12*12*2.5 cm, there are five cardboard dividers for the multipack packaging. The material is 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper, those can ensure the box is not only strong enough to protect the pre roll joints, but also can achieve various printing effects. The whole surface of the box is matte laminated, this finishing method can protect the box surface from bumps and scratches. The kind of pre roll packaging box is very use-friendly, customers can open the box easily and the box will be closed automatically because of the strong magnetic closure. Our customers can further customize the dimension, materials, box shape, and printing for their own designs. All custom services are free, and our price will be most competitive, and quality will be best.

  • Custom Child Resistant Packaging Box

    Innovative Custom Printed Rigid Paper Child Resistant Cannabis Flower Packaging Box

    This rigid lid and base gift box comes with a new style child resistant lock, which is very user-friendly. Its dimension is 12*12*2 cm, this size is special for bulk cannabis flower packaging. The main materials of this box is 1400 GSM recycled grey rigid paperboard and 157 GSM matte black art paper. Customer asked us to do the matte lamination on the surface of the box, and hot foil stamping on double side in gold color. We can customize the other sizes and printing for other customers as well.

  • Magnetic Drawer Pre-Roll BoxMagnetic Drawer Pre-Roll Box

    Kraft Paper Sliding Drawer Box for Pre Roll Joints Packaging with Magnetic Closure

    The design of this pre roll joints packaging box is very unique, the inner box is sliding drawer style, the outer box comes with a magnetic closure. This design can ensure the pro rolled joints can be packed well in the box. The dimension of this box is 12*5*2 cm, it is special for the multi pack! The materials of this box is natural brown kraft paper. This box can be recycled and reused. We can support the hot foil stamping to customize your own brand on this box.

  • Child Resistant Pre-Rolled Joints PackagingCannabis Pre-Roll Packaging

    Push Lock Child Resistant Multi Pack Pre-Rolled Joints Packaging Sliding Drawer Boxes

    This rigid paper drawer gift box is designed for the pre-rolled blunts and joints. This pre-rolled blunts and joints box comes with the child resistant lock. And it is kind of the push lock button rather than the press button which can help the customers keep the children away from the harmful, and this perfect design can reach the requirements of full security and compliance. The dimension of this model is 12*8*2 cm with four dividers for multi pack of the blunts and joints. We can supply the double side printing on the surface of the box with various finishing methods. Custom design and services are available!