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    Custom Child Proof Vape Cartridge Packaging Child Lock Vape Carts Packaging Boxes

    This paper slider box comes with the certificated child resistant button for cannabis vape cartridge packaging which can ensure it can protect the children away from the sensitive products. The size of the box is 10*4*2 cm, and the innder cardboard tray is shaped by the vape cartridge which can guarantee the vape cartridge can be inserted tightly into the cardboard tray. The main material of this box is 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper, this is the most common combination in vape cartridge packaging box. Because the rigid paperboard is strong enough to protect the vape cartridge from crush and damage and the art paper can achieve various printing effects. Customers can further customize the size, materials, printing and finishing methods to achieve their own designs. We can not only provide the free custom services, but also can supply the best quality and price for you.