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  • Concentrate Oil Packaging BoxConcentrate Oil Packaging Box

    Rigid Setup Box for Concentrate Oil Packaging with Clear Window and EVA Holder

    This rigid setup box is design for the cannabis concentrate oil packaging. The main materials of the box is the 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper. The size of this box is 8*2*1 cm which can pack most of cannabis oil vape carts. The clear PET windows on the outer box can display the concentrate oil directly to customers. The inner foam holder is shaped by the vape cartridge, it is very tight, and no shakes during storage and transporting. The finger hole on the end of the outer box is very user-friendly. The customers can open and close the box more easier. The logo and main patterns are hot foil stamping in gold color, and the finishing of the surface is matte lamination. We can customize the box in any other size with any other printing requests according to your requests.