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  • Child Resistant Safe Vape Cartridge Packaging BoxChild Resistant Safe Vape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Hemp Child Resistant Safe Vape Cartridge Packaging Box with Lock and Custom Printing

    We are very concerned about the safety of children when it comes to producing the vape cartridge packaging. This paper drawer box comes with a compliant child resistant lock and clear window. The press button of child resistant is very user-friendly for the adult, but it is hard for children to open the box. The clear window is made from PET, which is very eco-friendly and it is helpful to display the products. The customer can open the box by pressing the button, and pulling the inner box from the finger hole at the same time. The foam holder is shaped by the vape cartridge, which can make sure it is 100% suitable for the products. The material of the box is 1200 GSM rigid paper and 157 matte black cardboard. The dimension of the box is 8*3*1 cm, the surface finishing is matte lamination, and the gold hot foil stamping is used for the logo area. Any custom services are supported and available!

  • Magnet Flip Vape Cartridge Packaging BoxMagnet Flip Vape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Newest Customized Magnet Flip Vape Cartridge Packaging Box with EVA Foam Holder

    This rigid paper box comes with the magnetic closure and EVA foam holder which is the most popular trend for vape cartridge packaging. The dimension of the magnetic closure vape cartridge box is 8*3*1.5 cm, the main material is the 1400 GSM rigid paper with 157 GSM art paper covered. The printing method is offset printing, and we do the glossy lamination on the surface of the box. The foam holder is die-cut by the shape of the vape cartridge. Our engineering team can customize all details for our customers based on their requirements.

  • Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Private Label Button Lock Child Resistant Child Proof Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

    This vape cartridge packaging comes with child resistant button lock, EVA foam holder and clear PET window. This design is the most popular for customers in the cannabis vape cartridge business. The compliant child resistant button luck can not only protect the child away from the vape carts, but also is friendly for the adult users, they can open the box by pressing the button easily. The EVA foam is die-cut by the vape cartridge which can be 100% fit. The clear window can display the products well even the customers do not open the box. 1200 GSM rigid paperboard is strong enough to protect the vape cartridge during shipping and storage. The logo, patterns and texts are printed by offset printing. Matte lamination can protect the surface of the box and the printing effects well. If you want to customize any other details, please feel free to contact with us.

  • 510 Vape Cartridge Packaging Box510 Vape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Quality Child Resistant Childproof 510 Vape Cartridge Paper Drawer Packaging Box

    This rigid setup box is design for the cannabis concentrate oil packaging. The main materials of the box is the 1200 GSM rigid paperboard and 157 GSM art paper. The size of this box is 8*2*1 cm which can pack most of cannabis oil vape carts. The clear PET windows on the outer box can display the concentrate oil directly to customers. The inner foam holder is shaped by the vape cartridge, it is very tight, and no shakes during storage and transporting. The finger hole on the end of the outer box is very user-friendly. The customers can open and close the box more easier. The logo and main patterns are hot foil stamping in gold color, and the finishing of the surface is matte lamination. We can customize the box in any other size with any other printing requests according to your requests.

  • Vape Cartridge Packaging BoxVape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Rigid Magnetic Closure Box for 1ml 510 Vape Cartridge Packaging with Clear Window

    This magnetic closure gift box comes with clear window and EVA foam which can display and holder the 1ml vape cartridge well. The magnetic closure is very strong which can ensure the child can not open easily, and there will be a “tick, tick” sound when the box is closed. The EVA foam is shaped by the vape cartridge which can ensure the vape cartridge can be packed well. The dimension of this box is 10*3*1.5 cm which is suitable for most of 1ml vape cartridges. The spot UV logo can emphasize our customer’s brand influence, the hot foil stamping patterns can catch the customers’ eyes easily and improve the sales, the glossy lamination is very shinny. We can customize all details for other customers as same as they request.


  • Magnetic Vape Cartridge Packaging BoxMagnetic Vape Cartridge Packaging Box

    Magnetic Rigid Paper Vape Cartridge Packaging Box with Clear Window and EVA Holder

    This vape cartridge packaging box comes with magnetic closure, EVA holder and clear window on the top. It is made from the recycled rigid paper, which is very strong to protect the vape cartridges. The dimension of this box is 8*3*1 cm, and our customers can ask us to customize the size for their own vape cartridge packaging. The clear window on the top is PET which is eco-friendly, which can display the products well.